Challenges allow healthcare organizations to crowdsource new concepts and technologies to address the problems that are most important to them and bring attention to these issues. We have partnered with private, non-profit, and government organizations to run challenges and pilot programs to commercialize new technologies and provide innovation consulting. Challenges questions are posed to a broad community of developers, designers, entrepreneurs, and others interested in the health sector. Over the course of a challenge (typically 3-6 months), teams self assemble and develop novel technological solutions to health care problems. Teams may create software and hardware solutions such as web and mobile applications, visualizations, sensor systems, and data models. Submissions are evaluated by a panel of expert judges and awarded non-dilutive funding, recognition, support, and partnership opportunities with the sponsoring organization.


Caregiver Quality of Life Challenge

Approximately 40 million Americans are caregivers for loved ones, and though they are unpaid, the economic value of their care is about $470 billion per year. That’s equivalent to the annual spending on Medicaid in the U.S. We rely heavily on these caregivers to provide care to our aging population, but this system is not sustainable. Caregivers are burdened financially, emotionally,…

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