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Health 2.0 Tools Around the World

In this panel a group of medical professionals from around the world come together to discuss their respective companies, and how health tools and modules differ in various parts of the globe. Panelists include Roberto Ascione (President, Publicis Healthware & Founder, Paginemediche.it), Tosh Wakimaru (General Manager, MedPee), Nathan J. Sigworth (CEO, PharmaSecure), Nandu Madhava (CEO and Founder, mDhi), and Eisuke Suzuki (CEO, Medical Insight).

Speakers : Eisuke Suzuki, Nandu Madhava, Nathan J. Sigworth, Roberto Ascione, Tosh Wakimaru
Companies : mDhil (India), Medical Insight (Japan), MedPeer (Japan), Paginemediche.it (Italy), PharmaSecure Inc. (India)