Our pilot programs bring together health care organizations and innovative companies through funding awards and facilitated matchmaking to conduct pilot studies. Our pilot programs have helped move startups from concept to commercialization by enabling innovators to establish proof of concept and healthcare organizations to mitigate risk when testing new technologies.

With Health 2.0, we’ve been able to reach developers and companies that might not have otherwise considered integrating with Allscripts before they had a chance to work with our developer tools and resources in the context of the Challenge. I’d recommend using Health 2.0 to manage and promote your developer challenge if you really want to optimize your exposure to some of the best up and coming developers and companies in HIT.— Tina Joros, Director, Business Development, Allscripts

We’ve seen first hand how running a Developer Challenge with Health 2.0 can really leverage talent from the community to spur innovative solutions to key health issues beyond what we ever imagined. We’re thrilled to see many of these solutions now in the market and highly recommend others to use the Health 2.0 Developer Challenge platform.— Michael Painter, Senior Program Officer, RWJF