The first ever Health 2.0 Asia was organized by WiTA (Wellness IT Association) with the support of the Korean Gov’t and in collaboration with the Jung-Ang daily newspaper and JTBC TV, the event focused on Health and Wellness IT in April 2015 at the beautiful COEX Convention Center in Seoul.

The agenda will featured 3 main overarching themes:

  • The Happiness IT Platform The traditional economic barometers of national/regional markets’ health such as GNP and GDP have their limits. We believe happiness will become a key measure of prosperity. The Korean government has created the first ever Happiness IT Platform in the world, based on 10 happiness criteria: social, occupational, spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional, environmental, financial, mental and medical. Health 2.0 Asia in Korea had a strong focus on the relationship between happiness and health, and showcased the latest and greatest tools that can make us happier and healthier.
  • Developing a Senior’s Health & Wellness Index Populations are aging all over the world, increasingly aggravating the impact and the burden of chronic conditions on health systems. The Korean development of a functional Senior’s Health & Wellness Index, taking into account seniors’ mental, emotional, physical, and environmental health, will contribute to improving the health and wellness of the elderly globally. Health 2.0 Asia promoted international collaborations and showcased the digital tools specially designed to improve the health and wellness of the elderly.
  • Four Dimensions of Health & Wellness IT Services with Innovative Technology Personalized welfare policy and services have become a hot topic across Asia and the need for investment in the Welfare IT industry is becoming a key priority. At the event policies were discussed and hospital solutions showcased, plus patient and caregiver digital tools, wearable devices, the Internet of Things & big data-based platforms & apps that promote personalized welfare.

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