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MarketConnect Enterprise presents health care organizations with the opportunity for an on demand search and vetting service to identify digital health technologies with the greatest potential for impact, given the organization’s specific business objectives. Health 2.0 conducts a thorough needs assessment and evaluation process to facilitate live or virtual meetings with the most promising and fitting companies.




A large U.S. health insurer is looking for innovative solutions in the following areas. Does your tech fit their needs? Apply for the chance to connect with the decision makers who want to pilot your technology in their organization.    

Priority Areas 

• Solutions to streamline communications with consumers and members and increase engagement via digital communications tools (smartphone app, chatbots, portal, etc.) and platforms (twitter, facebook, etc.) to improve service efficiency.
• Technologies to improve the provider experience when processing claims or obtaining prior authorizations.

• Technology to help navigate the medical billing process and improve the patient financial experience, providing cost transparency from initial estimated costs through payment resolution.

• Tools to help identify and understand health insurance plans that are most relevant to an individual member’s needs (both for consumer and internal use).

• Personalized, consumer-focused solutions to aid in the monitoring, maintenance and improvement of health and wellness, including but not limited to high-effort segments (special needs, hearing impaired, dementia, caregivers).

• Innovative solutions that address opportunity cost in the traditional claims processing model, enabling the health plan to make cost effective decisions.

If your solution fits into any of the above categories, apply by submitting this form for the opportunity to connect with the insurer.

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