One of the most exciting sessions at Health 2.0’s Annual Fall Conference is the Launch competition. Where else can you witness ten brand new digital health companies revealing their products for the first time? Plus, at Launch, attendees vote to determine which of the finalists is worthy of the win—and that’s audience participation at its best.

Last year’s winner, Siren Care, is tackling an invisible but deadly problem that impacts millions of diabetic patients each year—diabetic foot ulcers. Siren Care developed temperature-sensing smart socks to combat nerve damage for people living with diabetes to help them find injuries that they cannot feel. These injuries can lead to serious problems such as infection or amputation of the foot if not checked. Early detection is crucial to head off life-threatening and costly complications.

We recently caught up with Henk Jan Scholten, one Siren Care’s three co-founders, to learn more about why they participated in Health 2.0’s Launch and how being crowned the 2016 winner has helped the company to progress in last year.

“The Health 2.0 Launch competition was the ideal platform for us to launch our product because it’s not only laser-focused on digital health but also has a stellar industry reputation and strong following of innovators and thought leaders. Showcasing our product with a live patient demo on stage gave us instant credibility that is hard to achieve,” said Scholten.

He also shared that the feedback they received from the conference attendees and the Health 2.0 team about their presentation and live demo was incredibly beneficial.

“Diabetic neuropathy is a complicated disease. It’s a very prevalent problem and extremely expensive. It’s a major healthcare crisis,” said Scholten. “Matthew and the Health 2.0 team helped us to take a complex issue and help us present it in a very clear, concise, and impactful way. Matthew made our presentation extremely engaging and impactful and we re-used many of those elements for fundraising and other events, with very positive results.

The company will be shipping its initial batch of pre-orders in October, and will be launching new batches of pre-orders this fall via their website. They also recently started clinical trials and are looking forward to sharing the results with the wider healthcare community.

“We’ve seen the results and can’t wait for others to understand the profound impact of our technology too,” said Scholten. “We’re also in talks with several health plans about securing reimbursement for the product.”

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