We are human and we need health care. These are universal truths. Here’s another one – we are consumers. Consumers who happen to be in a constant state of adapting to new health care protocols. The advent of value-based care over fee-for-service has also seen an emergence of empowered consumers who are not only informed but savvy in their health care decision making. Where do I purchase? From who? How much does it cost? How much can I afford? When do I purchase? What if I need a specialist? The list goes on. Luckily there is an ever-growing group of people and organizations who continue to make the consumer experience streamlined, affordable, and personal. Even in the gravest of scenarios.
Cambia Health Solutions, based in Portland, OR, is one such organization. They are affectionately referred to as “the-100-year-old startup” which is as much a testimony to their legacy as it is their bold insistence on moving the needle. What Cambia does perhaps better than most is Palliative Care. In 2014 they launched their greatest initiative to date – a program that serves patients living with serious illnesses in a new way. Cambia’s approach is to prioritize the person, as well as the experience of their families. Their revised care plans often include a collaboration with the family and reflect physical needs as well as the social and the spiritual.
With over 31 million in financial support from their Foundation, Cambia has been able to create and grow what they call “a shared network of competency” which includes interdisciplinary care teams across hospitals, providers, and regions. And it’s working. Cambia’s Palliative Care program has seen such wild success in Portland, OR that they have expanded across the Northwest and to Utah, Idaho, and into California.
Leading Cambia’s audacious model of radical empathy and exceptional transparency since 2003 is Mark Ganz. He is the son of a doctor and has dedicated his career to the transformation of health care by putting people first. His upbringing as an Eagle Scout taught him to ‘leave your campsite better than you found it’ – an ethos he infuses across all of Cambia’s projects.
Ganz will be headlining Health 2.0’s Annual WinterTech event during JP Morgan week on January 10 in  San Francisco. His presentation will cover how to create seamless health care experiences to meet the needs of consumers, and provide a contextualization for a day’s worth of programming dedicated to the empowered consumer as well as investing and digital therapeutics.
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