Where Are They Now? Siren Care

by GRACE MOEN – Writer for Health 2.0 covering news, trends, and reflecting on the industry.  

Throwback with me to Wednesday September 28, 2016… thousands of technologists and healthcare innovators are packed into a convention center ballroom just a stone’s throw away from Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara. It’s Health 2.0’s Annual Fall Conference, the 10th anniversary even, and backstage, ten entrepreneurs await their turn to present. Each is vying for the chance to win Launch!, Health 2.0’s unparalleled competition for new technologies.  

After a tight race it was Siren Care – a diabetic foot monitoring system that proactively tracks foot temperature and helps you find potential signs of diabetic foot ulcers – who took home the win. Read on to learn how this smart fabric solution is making an impact and what they’ve been up to since winning Launch!. 


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