Last year Health 2.0 showed some of the latest technologies, from companies like Redox, Medal and Validic, which are chipping away at the turgid morass known as the “Interoperability Problem”. It seemed that mainstream health systems, consumers, and the government had all but given up (with various levels of fake and real despair) on fixing the “simple” problem of getting a patients data all in one place. And while much more clinical data is available since the widespread adoption of EMRs, no one had a clear idea what to do about the increased amounts of data from wearables, sensors and the various ‘omics coming down the pike. But things are looking up.

Not only do we have new tools for extracting and moving data around between systems, we are also seeing more cooperation from the large EMR vendors in surfacing and allowing access to their APIs–while newer technologies are offering even greater optimism. At this year’s Health 2.0 you’ll hear from the biggest EMR vendors like Allscripts and Cerner on their app store and API strategy, you’ll meet the Carin Alliance–a well-connected campaign that’s picked up the mantle of getting consumers access to their health data, and you’ll see the latest from the movers behind blockchain in health which might yet be the fundamental technology to fix the problem once and for all.

The Interoperability panel in 2017 is at 9 am Tuesday, October 3, and if you really want to understand the future of health data and how it gets used, you need to be there!