Speaker Spotlight: Josh Mandel and Aneesh Chopra

by GRACE MOEN – Content Writer for Health 2.0 covering news, trends, and reflections. 

Joshua Mandel and Aneesh Chopra – both leaders in open data, health care, and government circles – will take the stage April 30 at Dev4Health to address an audience of technologists, innovators, and health care wonks. Will you be there?


At the nexus of medicine and technology, Josh Mandel blazes the trail towards better data sharing. Now at Verily, aka Google Life Sciences, Josh was also the lead architect for SMART on FHIR – the $15 million collaboration between Harvard Medical School and the ONC HIT, which produced an open platform of developer tools meant to catalyze innovation across EHR systems. His spin off project, CDS Hooks, does just that: “hooks” SMART apps directly into EHRs for increased Clinical Decision Support right when the physician needs it most. Guided by an unshakable open-source ethos Josh is a frequent voice in conversations around standardizing data frameworks and his advocacy of such has led to more streamlined data exchange models.
Come meet Josh Mandel at Dev4Health April 30 – May 1 where his presentations will focus on the future of plug and play interoperability and CDS Hooks.


Aneesh Chopra served as the first ever U.S. CTO and as such inaugurated the role by leading the US government into an age of ubiquitous technology and arming us with the savvy required to cross technical divides. Aneesh now applies his experience of implementing change at scale to the health tech community with his organization CareJourney. To achieve his vision, Aneesh outlines three big tenants of change required to realize a future of open and accessible patient data: Culture – patients understanding that they can and should ask for their data electronically; Pace of Change – electronic medical records are great, but standardization is key; and a concerted effort by the tech and health care communities to reorganize incentives away from big business and towards patient care.
In his Keynote at Dev4Health April 30 – May 1 Aneesh will discuss opportunities in health care ripe for developers to tackle.

Dev4Health presented by Health 2.0 & HIMSS / April 30 – May 1 / Cleveland, OH / Get your ticket today!