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DC to VC Session

A partnership between Health 2.0 & Moregenthaler Ventures, DC to VC is the culmination of a nationwide contest to find the best venture-backable startup ideas in health IT. Finalists presented their startup ideas on stage to a packed room of health IT professionals, government officials, Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors in a format modeled after the TV show, The Voice.

Speakers : Arturo Devesa, Brian Poger, Catherine Montgomery, Eric Page, Greg Sommer, Inder Singh, J. D. Kleinke, Jack Young, James Wolfe, JC Simbana, Lisa Suennen, Marcia Hatch, Marty Felsenthal, Michelle Snyder, Mohit Kaushal, Nate Gross, Rebecca Lynn, Rob Cronin, Sol Ross, Stephane Marceau, Ted Maidenberg
Companies : Aberdare Ventures, Amplify Health, BeneFitter, DaisyBill, Doximity, Gunderson Dettmer, HHS, HLM Venture Partners, Interwest Partners, Kinsa, MedWhat, Morganthaler Ventures, OM Signal, Psilos Group Managers, Qualaris Healthcare Solutions, Qualcomm Life Fund, Sandstone Diagnostics, Silicon Valley Bank, The Social + Capital Partnership, WCG,