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Deep Dive – Everyday Health

Everyday Health, the leading provider of online consumer health information, offers interactive tools that allow consumers to actively manage their health. During the last 12 months Everyday Health has
launched several leading edge applications that are changing the way consumers manage their health.

During the Health 2.0 Deep Dive, two of the applications will be demonstrated:  The Everyday Health Symptom Checker is a sophisticated yet intuitive symptom triage tool that uses interactive video segments that respond to  user input, helping consumers understand the severity of their symptoms, recommending appropriate diagnostic tests and referring them to specific types of providers for care.

The Everyday Health Compliance Series is a group of interactive videos that interview consumers about their level of compliance in managing chronic conditions. Each video series, which focuses on a specific chronic condition, asks the condition sufferer about appropriate measures
for condition management and compliance. For each set of questions the consumer is provided immediate feedback—either praise for compliance or warnings about possible consequences of non-compliance. At the end of the session the consumer is given a summary report showing
areas of success and areas for improvement.

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