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Interoperability Revisted

Last year Health 2.0 showed some of the latest technologies, from companies like Redox, Medal and Validic, which are chipping away at the turgid morass known as the “Interoperability Problem”. It seemed that mainstream health systems, consumers and government had all but given up (with various levels of fake and real despair) on fixing the “simple” problem of getting a patients data all in one place. But things are looking up.

With more open APIs, the spread of SMART on FHIR, and both a regulatory and market commitment to data sharing, a new inter-operation future may be taking shape.

This year we heard from big EMR vendors like Allscripts and Cerner on their app store and API strategy and met the Carin Alliance–a campaign that’s picked up the mantle of getting consumers access to their health data.

Speakers : Matthew Holt, Paul Black, Tate Gilchrist, Arien Malec, Don Rucker, Ryan Howells, Lonnie Kurlander, Vik Kheterpal, Lori McLean, Debi Willis
Companies : Health 2.0, Allscripts, Cerner, Change Healthcare, ONC, Carin Alliance, Medal, CareEvolution, First Databank, PatientLink