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Launch! is a series of rapid-fire, back-to-back, 3.5 minute demos from new, buzz-worthy companies making their debut at Health 2.0. At the end, the audience will vote on a winner who will be invited to demo on the 2013 main-stage in San Francisco. Since it’s inception in 2008, Launch! has introduced over 45 new companies and products, including Unity Medical, Remedy Ventures, TheCarrot, and the WSJ’s 2010 top (and not just in health!) start-up company, Castlight Health.

Speakers : Bert Navarrete Russell Benaroya, Travis Good, Elise Singer, Indu Subaiya, Jan Bruce, Jon Cooper, Martin Blinder, Matt Berry , Matthew Holt, Patrick Spain, Rajiv Mehta, Russell Benaroya, Travis Good
Companies : EveryMove, First Stop Health, LifeVest Health, MeQuilibrium, Mobicratic, Orca Health, Share the Visit, Tic Trac, Tigerlabs Health, Unfrazzle, ,