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PANEL: How Advances in Biomarkers and Big Data are Transforming Clinical Trials and Clinical Applications

From advanced analytics for drug discovery and population health to liquid biopsies and digital health apps for patient-generated tracking of health and disease, technological advancements are transforming how we design new clinical trials, how we can detect disease earlier and how we can find new interventions for preventing disease. We heard from clinicians, company CEOs, and providers who are transforming healthcare at every stage from discovery to the clinic to the prevention of disease. This session covered new technologies that have enabled innovative clinical trial designs and clinical applications. 

Speakers : Maria Luisa Pineda, Michelle Longmire, Walter "Buzz" Stewart, Anne-Renee Hartman, Brad Perkins
Companies : Envisagenics, Medable, Sutter Health, GRAIL, Human Longevity