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The Digital Doctors Lounge: Tools for Provider Workflow and Collaboration – Full Session

Jon Michaeli, SVP, Global Community and Marketing at WorldOne Interactive, introduces the panel with a video for DocTango. Michaeli hands the stage over to Jonathan Teich, CMIO and Managing Director of Elsevier, as he continues to moderate this panel of demos that present a variety of tools for improving provider workflow.

Speakers : Ahmet Tuncay, Anand Shroff, Brad Jannenga, Dan Riskin, Jon Michaeli, Jonathan Teich, Kurian Thott, Mark Musco, Stacie Coates, ,
Companies : Apixio, DocTango, Elsevier, Health Fidelity, iRounds, MD-Online (MDOL), Muir Medical Group, Sermo, SoonR, WebPT, WorldOne Interactive