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The Patient is In – Part 2

Are Health 2.0 tools and technologies making a difference for patients and if so, how? We set out in the summer of 2009 to track some patients as they used Health 2.0 services managing their health and everyday lives. We’ll see them on video, meet three of them on stage and see some of the technologists whose tools they used. Later, we will get commentary from a group of famous ePatients.

Speakers : Amy Tenderich, Dave deBronkart, Doug Trauner, Esther Dyson, Gilles Frydman, Jen McCabe, Joe Cruz, Mary Ellen Zipper, Sussanah Fox, Trisha Torrey
Companies : ACOR, Contagion Health, EDventure, Every Patient’s Advocate, Metavante Corp., Pew Internet & American Life Project, The New Life of ePatient Dave, TheCarrot.com, ,