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Transforming Care & Insights through Big Data & Analytics

If health care had a magic 8 ball, it would be data – peeling back the layers to reveal answers to the questions we have today, and giving insights to the ones we didn’t know to ask. 

We took an in-depth look at the tools and ideas emerging in the age of machine learning and impacting everything from clinical research to population health driven cost savings, and of course, optimizing patient care.

Speakers : Indu Subaiya, Jason Pyle, Brian Otis, Iya Khalil, Andy Krackov, Simon Kos, Nigam Shah, Brendan FitzGerald, Kevin Klick
Companies : Health 2.0, BaseHealth, Verily Life Sciences, GNS Healthcare, Velir, Microsoft, Cardinal Analytx, HIMSS Analytics, Haystack Informatics